Following my TED talk, I was contacted by people from all over the world sharing their stories. I was deeply moved by their honesty and courage. Some were of hope, speaking of organisations that live and breathe ethical excellence. Others were of how humanity had been stripped in toxic work cultures and the impact it had on their lives.

I held these words close as I progressed my own work, and was fortunate to meet more incredible souls who ignited a deep sense of collective calling within me. A calling for us to come together and act in a way that brought our humanity to the world each and every day – that is how #Time4Humanity was born. It started as a way for people to express their feelings, ideas and actions to shift cultures and create better ways of working and being.

I draw my inspiration from the actions you take every day to create purposeful change for yourself, your relationships, organisations and societies at large. #Time4Humanity is not a movement. A more apt description is a growing community of people who ask the important questions of who we are, how we show up every day, and where we want to go.

My hope is that #Time4Humanity can be of service to anyone seeking the deeper truths in who we are and how we choose to be.

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The beauty of it, the power of it, the urgent message in it, the sheer healing force within it flows through me like a huge wave. This book will be a world gamechanger in leadership. It reminds us that humanity and humaneness are intricately linked, but this requires our conscious action and intelligence.

Michelle Australia

Through #Time4Humanity we are called to paint the most beautiful painting: our life.

Ivana Italy

An inspiration, motivation and most importantly that ray of hope for people, especially in the wake of this crisis.

Vishal United Arab Emirates

What a gem, thank you for sharing your story Samie.

Checo Mexico

The moment I started reading I felt a connection of someone telling the meaning of life with his own life experiences. Part three – The Awakened Future – mirrored the current state of my life and gave me guidance on the possibilities of how to respond.

Mohammed India

Reading #Time4Humanity is like peeling back layers one after the other, starting from looking at how organisations can work differently, shaping conscious leadership and culture-based approaches to management. The journey continues through topics such as ethical consumerism, finding a balance with the planet, and questioning our relationship with technology and data. At the end, you arrive at looking at yourself in the mirror, asking how you can live true to your purpose, let go of what no longer serves you and become a part of transforming humanity.

Elina Switzerland

This book is essential reading for this next phase of humankind’s development, as it addresses the fundamental challenges within the business world in terms of the human narrative. At once personal, persuasive, compelling and authoritative, #Time4Humanity reveals the gaps that all too often appear in people’s lives and relationships with compassion and solutions.

David United Kingdom

Change and transformation are here; navigating to create with it is in our hands. Riding the winds of change is an art and we all can accentuate that part. Humanity as a whole is connected – thus using that connection is the way forward to catapult into the change we can choose to be a part of. #Time4Humanity encapsulates that frequency.

Jennifer United Arab Emirates